Understanding the PCCO Markup Discrepancies between Procore and Viewpoint Vista

When exporting Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs) from Procore to Vista, specific markup configurations can cause slight discrepancies in the markup values in Procore and Vista.

Procore PCCO and Vista change Order Markup Discrepancies

When is this discrepancy possible?

When there are PCCOs that have horizontal markup on multiple SOV line items in Procore.

What causes this discrepancy?

In short, the way markup is calculated, rounded and displayed to users is fundamentally different between Procore and Vista. More specifically, the order of summing and rounding varies which means there can be slight changes in the final displayed values.

In Procore, markup is displayed as a rounded total, which is calculated by summing all of the individual “horizontal” (in-line) markups and then rounding that summed amount.

In Vista, every individual markup is rounded and displayed per line item. Those rounded markup values are then summed and displayed as a total markup amount.

What are the technical implications?

In the Procore data model, individual markup amounts only exist in their unrounded form, so the integration connector is having to calculate and display line item markup to satisfy the Vista requirements.

Procore includes the total markup value in the payload sent to Vista, but if there is no way to cleanly reconcile differences between the Procore total (rounded sum) and the Vista total (sum of rounded values).


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