How to build Data Exchange for BuildOps <> Spectrum

NOTE: This article is one piece of a larger process. DO NOT proceed unless you were directed here from another article, and you're setting up for BuildOps.

After you have completed Part 1: Operator Maintenance, and most of Part 2: Data Exchange in the article titled How to set up your Spectrum Data Exchange URL and ID, you can proceed.

BuildOps <> Spectrum

Only applicable to BuildOps customers.

  1. After you click [Build] on the previous screen, you will be presented with the screen below. Click the down arrow, select JobCost, then click [Go].

  2. Select AddJobAddPhase and UpdateJob from the Web Service Library on the left.
    Click [Select >] to move them to the Authorized Web Services list on the right.
    Click [OK].

  3. Click [OK] to save the record.

  4. Repeat the same process for AccountsReceivableand add AddCustomer and ARMultiLineInvoice to the build.
  5. Repeat the same process for PurchaseOrder and add POBatch to the build.
  6. Your data exchange build should look like this after completing the above steps. Click [OK] to save the record.
  7. Return to How to set up your Spectrum Data Exchange URL and ID and proceed with Part 3: Data Exchange URL.