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How and When do I Contact Xchange Support?

Xchange Support is here for you. Here's how to find us and what to expect.


Click here to register as a designated Support Contact for your company. Any time there's an outage or platform update, you'll be the first to know.

Submit tickets by emailing xchange_support@trimble.com.

You will receive an automated response that your ticket was received.

A support agent will reach out to you within four (4) business hours, EXCEPT in the case of a critical service outage that would impact all customers. In this scenario, our “Time to First Response” will occur within two (2) business hours.

Ryvit Support Hours: M-F 8am-5pm CST excluding Holidays

Maintenance Window
If users experience an outage or performance issue during the standard Wednesday maintenance window, it is not necessary to contact Customer Support. The standard Wednesday maintenance window is 9PM to 11:59PM CST.

Tips for an Effective Support Email

To: xchange_support@trimble.com
Subject Line: Company Name - Issue Title, which is a summary of the problem.

Body of email should include any information necessary to help Xchange Support resolve the issue.

  • Relevant details about the records, links to the records, etc.
  • Expected outcome when this ticket is resolved.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Requested troubleshooting tasks for Ryvit.
  • Explanation of attached files or screenshots.

The time you take to provide information is greatly appreciated and helps us resolve your issue quickly!

The Journey of a Support Ticket

  1. Needs Attention | New tickets are unassigned and marked as "Needs Attention." This ensures nothing falls through the cracks.
  2. Assigned | Someone at Ryvit has begun working on the ticket and is in the process of identifying the root cause or implementing a solution. You will receive an update within 24 hours on our progress.
  3. Waiting for Engineering | We've asked our development team to help fix the issue.
  4. Waiting for Customer | We're waiting to hear back from someone at your company. Please address the questions/comments in a timely fashion.

Priority and Customer Response Levels

Support tickets are assigned priority levels to indicate the level of impact, which reflects the maximum length of time for initial acknowledgment and ongoing communication. We strive to resolve all issues as quickly as possible. The priority helps us resolve more impactful and urgent issues first.

  • CRITICAL | 1 Business Day (24 hours)
    • an issue affecting multiple customers and/or carries significant security and functionality risks
  • HIGH | 2 Business Days (48 hours)
    • An issue that impacts multiple customers and no workaround is available
  • MEDIUM | 4 Business Days
    • An issue that impacts usability for 1 customer, but a workaround is available
  • LOW | 6 Business Days
    • A minor issue that may or may not impact usability, and has an acceptable workaround defined