Connecting Trimble to Foundations On-Prem ERP

How to set up your Foundations On-Prem ERP to Trimble for integrations

1) Download the XChangeAgent
Getting started is really easy. Just click here to download the XChangeAgent, and then make sure to install it on a server that can access your Foundation database. 
***You will need an activation code and this will be emailed to you directly***
2) Create a XChange User
Create a new user as pictured below and a strong password. If you need help generating a strong password a site like LastPass can help with this.

3) SQL Permissions

After the XChange Service User is created, you need to have your SQL administrator grant some additional permissions to this user as shown in the screenshot below. These permissions allow the service user write data in the pending po sync tables.

Additionally, ensure that the XChange SQL User does not have db_denydatawriter permission applied.

4) Please respond with the following information:
  • XChange username and password
  • Database Name
  • Foundation company you would like integrated
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out for assistance.